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CSM BA fashion grads acros menswear, womenswear and printing.

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designer :  Blandine Bardeau /



Blandine Bardeau
“I think of my clothes as ‘transformational. They represent a world where humans can become animals, the wind, where girls can become boys and boys can become girls. I have looked into ways in which people have diverted moral and social conventions, people such as transvestites, shamans, as well as mythological characters. I was fascinated by anything or anyone who is extraordinary.”


designer : Holly Fox-Lee /


 Holly Fox-Lee
“Wearing a mask on the body, was the core challenge of my collection. I was inspired by krump dancing and the Ndebele tribe amongst others; to create a synthesis of modernity and ancient craft work. Exaggerated sportswear silhouettes and vibrant colour ways represent the fusion of the African and the American.”

designer : Morten Ivar /


Morten Ivar
“My collection is inspired by early punk rock with the main focus throughout my research being the many different styles that go with the punk rock image; from tailored jackets to leather pants and sneakers. I have, with my mix of prints, colours and styles tried to capture the spontaneous effect.”


designer : Sorada Thaiwaranon /


Sorada Thaiwaranon
“My collection is the graphic interpretation of tree wrapping, ‘Tree’. Based on the context of Thai beliefs, the wrapping of the tree is a way of worshipping the spirit residing in the tree. I see tree wrapping as a means of confining the tree spirit, similar to the physical restriction of the surgical splints on the body. The body as a tree, restricted from casual movement like the confined spirit of the tree.”


designer : Anthony Thomas /


Anthony Thomas
“Four songs that communicate a common mood of mystery have provided the spark of inspiration for this collection: Porno for Pyros’s  ’Tahitian Moon’, Ice-T’s ‘Midnight’, Health’s ‘Lost Time’ and an Acid Girls remix of Health’s ‘Triceratops’. I have translated the mood into the general theme of ‘Midnight’. My ‘Midnight’ sees awe-inspiring landscapes, glimpses of existential clarity, separate realities and the deep stirrings of the subconscious veering in and out of something all together tangible, dark, angry and violent- of real social context. In particular gang warfare in South Central LA during the early nineties. The esoteric and the real.”


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